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Mary Noeller • Painting



Born and raised in small town Iowa in Benton County, I have always appreciated the beauty and detail of Iowa’s landscape, building, barns and animals. I am the youngest of four sisters whom are equally talented. I am self taught and have painted on and off for forty some years. Along the way I have dabbled in oils, charcoal, pastels, watercolor and gouache but my preferred medium is acrylics. I have displayed in numerous art shows from time to time. Currently I am semi-retired with a bit more time on my hands. Recently my sisters and I have decided to join together to display and sell our art work. We each have our own style and uniqueness. Our time together is very special. Even though we tease and poke fun at each other we have become our own best critiques, inspiration and support of each others work. I enjoy being able to create a painting and it is especially rewarding when someone will say how much it reminds them of when they were growing up on the farm or it was just like grandpa’s barn.The look on their face is priceless.

Linda C. Stark • Painting



Recently retired, I wanted to try painting. I am inspired by Georgia O’Keefe. I credit my multi-talented family with encouraging me in my art pursuit. I am one of five creative sisters and my son is a choreographer that has performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. He is a photographer and Professor of Fine Arts in University of Minnesota.

Carol Wilson • Jewelry



Carol Wilson works with fused glass and hand-rolled polymer clay to make her jewelry pieces. She describes the process, which uses a kiln at 1300 degrees: “I love to see the way the glass fuses together in unexpected ways upon firing.” Carol plans to keep experimenting with materials and processes, like precious metal clay and making larger pieces—decorative plates and dishes. With a fresh color sensibility, her necklaces compliment fashion and make a statement all their own.

Carved Creation • Wood Sculpture



Carved Creation consists of two good friends and neighbors, Rick Richter and George Lansink. Their partnership came into existence because their creativity and appreciation of the beauty of wood. Rick had been carving for several years and shared his insights and carving skills with George as George transitioned into retirement from the home building business. Rick is a Michigan native while George was born and raised in Iowa.

Their wood carvings represent a wide range of interests from Old World Santas and other holiday related works to whimsical characters and buildings. Bass wood is used most frequently but these two carvers also enjoy the unique effects accomplished with cottonwood bark as their medium.

Tamara Jensen • Painting



I paint both landscapes and abstract paintings. When I paint landscapes, I try to express the essence of a place or subject. I attempt to creatively convey a unique viewpoint, to illustrate my own individual emotional response to the subject shown in the painting. The object is not realism as much as recreating an atmosphere that I felt at the time. What I enjoy when I do an abstract painting, is that the emotions conveyed and the mood of the paintings are able to be viewed with a wider range of interpretation. It is open ended as to what you perceive. I hope that the viewer can respond to these paintings by using their own imagination to interpret what is being said, the painting will mean more to them because they have connected to it, “it speaks to them”. I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I have enjoyed creating them.